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Educating & Preventing Child Abuse

Essential Safeguarding


We protect and safeguard children from abuse, in a rapidly changing and digitalised world, by delivering a bespoke package of training and early intervention services.

When children feel safe and supported they are ready to learn and reach their full potential.

We are a multi- disciplinary team working alongside schools to help children better understand healthy relationships,

Our work focuses on reducing gender inequalities and pro-violence attitudes to prevent abuse in the future

We are working in Early Years Settings, Primary and Secondary Schools and Universities helping to educate the next generation keep safe 


Domestic abuse within intimate teenage relationships

Black Eyes and Cottage Pie is a film and play aimed at educating young people and adults about domestic abuse within intimate teenage relationships.

Find out more about all the training that accompanies the performance and listen to the views of young people…


Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) affects all children and young people from all backgrounds, particularly some of our most vulnerable children and young people in society.

Essential Safeguarding are committed to supporting and training young people, parents and staff about CSE.

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Early Intervention & Prevention

Intervening early to support children and young people is the most effective way to prevent concerns escalating. Essential Safeguarding have a team of experienced staff that have expertise to deliver a range of early help interventions.

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