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Domestic abuse within intimate teenage relationships

Our training resource is designed as a whole school/agency approach to learning.

The training and performance includes:

1) Training on teenage domestic abuse to key staff with designated responsibilities for safeguarding, twilight or whole day training.

2) The performance of Black Eyes and Cottage Pie and a short plenary to highlight some of the key themes in the performance and signpost children & young people and professionals to support within a school, local and national organisations.

3)The development of a peer mentoring programme within school

Direct work with children & young people to explore in more detail:

a) What is domestic abuse –  Understanding that domestic abuse is about power and control in relationships and this can take different forms resulting in physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional and psychological abuse

b) Consent and making informed choices

c) Sexting /social media and the law

d) Happy , healthy minds

f) Sexual Health

g) Substance Misuse

h)It’s Ok to be me – exploring sexuality

Listen to the views of young people who have watched the performance and spotted the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Black Eyes and Cottage Pie: Pupil Interviews from Becca Luck on Vimeo.


To find out more and to discuss Essential Safeguarding delivering this training please email info@essentialsafeguarding.co.uk