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Early Intervention and Prevention

Helping Local Authorities to develop and implement The Early Help Strategy

We have the knowledge and skills to intervene early with families before difficulties become embedded and offer the following services.


Family Group Conferencing (FGC)


A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a decision-making and family-led planning meeting where the wider family address identified concerns (normally in relation to a child). During the meeting family and friends have private time to draw up a plan, which will be agreed by agencies as long as it is safe.

The benefits of an FGC are the family are the primary decision makers, not professionals. The family develop their own solutions to their current problems, which involves the child & young person taking part in the decisions.

More children and fathers attend FGC’s than other statutory meetings such as child protection conferences.

To find out more about the delivery of this service please contact Essential Safeguarding at info@essentialsafeguarding.co.uk

Webster Stratton Incredible Years Parenting 


The Essential Safeguarding team has extensive experience of delivering the Webster Statton Incredible Years Parenting Programme. We work with parent/carers to:

  1. Improve a child’s behaviour
  2. Support parents / carers to improve their parenting
  3. Support parents / carers to reduce their stress/depression/mental health difficulties
  4. Improve the self esteem and confidence of parent/carers to look after their children safely

If you would like more information and to commission this service please email info@essentialsafeguarding.co.uk